How to Word Engagement Thank You Cards

Thank you cards come in all types of designs; choosing one that you truly love will help you accomplish the task.
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Thank you cards are a simple expression of your appreciation. Writing them can be difficult, as you want them to be special and meaningful, but not to sound cheesy. Sometimes the wording can sound the same and you can get yourself stuck in a rut. Simplifying the process can help to ease the process and complete this task in a timely manner.

Grab a pen. Handwritten thank yous are proper etiquette. Start off your thank you with a greeting such as "Dear Mr. & Mrs Smith or "Dear Uncle Chris." If you are thanking a family or a group of people, include all of their names in the greeting: for instance, "Dear Bob, Anne, Danny and Rose." Addressing all the members of the family is important in expressing proper gratitude no matter their age.

State what you are thankful for -- for instance, "Thank you for the candles and the gift cards we received as an engagement gift." Keep it simple. If the gift was money, do not use the word "money." Instead say, "Thank you for your generosity. It is much appreciated."

Write about how you intend to use the gift or how it will be enjoyed. You might need to get creative here. Say something like, "The picture is a beautiful addition to our foyer," or, "The toaster oven will be getting lots of use for our weekend lunches."

For money or a gift card say something like, "Your gift will go a long way in helping us to add our personal touch to our kitchen," or, "Your gift will go a long way in contributing to our honeymoon." Keep it simple and do not provide them with a list on how you plan to use the gift.

Mention additional gratitude. If you had an engagement party, for example, include a statement such as, "Thank you so much for attending our engagement party. We hope to see you at the wedding." Only include this wording if you are sure you will invite the guest to the wedding.

Close your thank your with one last appreciation such as, "Thank you again for your gift." Afterward, close with a greeting such as, "Sincerely," Take Care" or "With Love," and write both of your names.


  • Having each of you write your names on the thank you cards is a nice way to show your appreciation, although it is not necessary.

    If available, include a personal statement in your thank you. Something like, "Can't wait to see you at graduation; keep up the good work," or, "Congratulations on the new addition" are nice ways to develop an even more personal connection in your thank you.

    Thank you's for gifts received before your wedding are to be sent out about two weeks before your wedding date.