How to Watch Hindi Movies

Hindi films are part of the Indian film industry. Indian films are made in several different languages because India, as a nation, is comprised of several cultural groups that speak different languages such as Tamil and Punjabi. The roots of the Indian film industry go back to the 1930s. However, in the last ten years Indian films, and Hindi films in particular, have been become incredibly popular. This led to the term "Bollywood" being applied the Indian film industry as a whole even though Bollywood movies are actually only Hindi movies. The audience for Bollywood movies is worldwide, which has resulted in numerous web sites devoted to Hindi and Indian movies.

Learn about the history of the Indian film industry. So many web sites make Hindi movies available that the choices can be overwhelming. Rather than logging on and selecting movies randomly, take a little time to learn about the history of the Indian film industry and about Hindi films in particular. The late 1940s through the 1960s is referred to as the Golden Age of Indian cinema. The 1960s and 1970s represents a shift to romantic and action movies. The current popularity of Bollywood movies, with an emphasis on musicals and melodrama, began in 2000. An online source for the history of Indian and Hindi films is

Stay informed about the popular movies and trends. Online sources such as provide access to Indian magazines online. They can keep you informed about popular Hindi films and actors. You can read film reviews, movie gossip and news about different aspects of the industry. All of this information will help you choose what to watch.

Explore online resources for Hindi movies. Numerous sites offer Hindi movies for free online. Use your research to maneuver through the sites and find the movies you like. offers a wide range of Hindi movies, film trailers, movie industry information and gossip about popular Bollywood stars. The web site provides a complete Bollywood database, which is a useful resource that allows you to search Hindi movies by decade, genre, director and actor.

Plan a Hindi movie night for family and friends. Select a few films and host a party.