How to View Tires & Rims on Any Vehicle

These days your car's tires and rims are basically vehicle accessories. Not only do people seem to want functionality, it doesn't hurt there aesthetically pleasing. Shopping for tires and rims has been made simple thanks in large part to the Internet. Luckily, there is a website that allows you to see what various styles of rims and tires will look like on your vehicle. You end up not only being able to make a fashion statement with your car, but also you get the guarantee of a perfect fit.

Log onto a computer with Internet Access. Go to your normal search engine and type in

Select the make, year, and model of the vehicle you wish to view.

Choose which product you are looking for first, tires or rims.

Pick which product you wish to see through the "decision guide". You will then need to answer just a few simple questions.

Scroll down and choose "upgrade garage". This will take you to another link where you can choose "view on vehicle". Then you will be able to pick and choose various styles to try out on your vehicle of choice.


  • If you do not have home access to the Internet, you can always go to your local library. There are also many coffee shops and Internet cafes that offer computer access. If your use a computer outside of your home, you may want to write your vehicle info on a piece of paper to take with you. Certain things like tire size, for example.


  • You may want to keep in mind that if you are purchasing rims or tires, know your area. Weather and even construction are things that can have an effect.