How to Use Yamaha Keyboard PSR E403


Things You'll Need

  • Yamaha PSR E403
  • AC adapter or 6 "D" batteries

The Yamaha PSR E403 keyboard can be a fulfilling musical instrument for the novice keyboard player or an advanced player. It is a compact and portable alternative to a baby grand piano. When you first take the keyboard out of the box, all of the buttons can appear to be a bit confusing. By following a few simple steps you can be playing your keyboard quickly.

Power on your Yamaha PSR E403 keyboard. You can power on the keyboard by connecting the keyboard's AC adapter to an outlet or by inserting six "D" sized batteries into the battery compartment of the keyboard. Adjust the volume using the volume knob that is located on the left.

Select the beat style by pushing the button on the right labeled "Style." The style numbers are located on the top left side of the keyboard. Enter the appropriate three digit style number using the number pad that is located on the right side. Examples of available beats are country, Latin, ballroom or disco.

Press the "Voice" button that is located on the right side of your keyboard. Enter the three digit number for the instrumental voicing that you would like, such as brass, flute or electric piano. The voice categories are located on the top right side of the keyboard.

Record your original songs by pressing the "Record" button on the left side of the keyboard. Press the "Stop" button on the left when you are finished recording. To play back your original song, use the playback control buttons located on the left side of the keyboard.

Keep a steady tempo by setting the keyboard metronome with the metronome button on the left side. To adjust the tempo of the metronome, press the tempo button.

Use the two knobs labeled "A" and "B" to change the sound while you are playing the keyboard. By using the knobs you can change your sound from sweet to distorted.