How to Use the Zoom G1 Guitar Effects Pedal

Connect the pedal to your guitar and amp with standard instrument cables. Images

The G1 is a now discontinued multi-effects pedal for guitar. It is a floor-based unit containing a range of guitar effect settings. It has 21 modelling settings, which emulate the sounds of classic amplifiers. The Zoom G1 also has 54 effect settings and 40 preset sounds that you can tweak to your preference. The advantage of using a unit such as the Zoom G1 is that it eliminates the need to transport and set up multiple individual effects units.

Connect a 12-volt AC adapter to the adapter socket on the rear panel of the G1.

Plug an instrument cable into your guitar. Plug the other end of the cable into the input on the rear panel of the G1, on the right-hand side. Plug a second instrument cable into the output jack on the rear panel.

Plug the second instrument cable into the input of your guitar amplifier. Turn the amplifier volume down to zero and turn the amplifier on. Gradually increase the volume to a suitable level.

Step on the two buttons at the bottom of the unit, consecutively. This brings up the tuner. Play each string and observe the display on the LED screen. When the needle is in the center, your string is in tune. If it is to the left of center, your string is flat, and if it is to the right of center, your string is sharp. Adjust the tension of the machine head accordingly.

Select an amplifier model. The G1 will remain in bypass mode until you actively select a setting. Press the “Bank Up-Tap” button on the right of the unit to select an amplifier model. Press it repeatedly to scroll through the amplifier model index. Once you find one you want, stop pressing.

Turn the dial on the left of the unit to select effects, such as “Drive,” “Reverb” and “Modulation.” Turn the dial on the right to increase the intensity of the effect. Gradually adjust each parameter according to the effect that is highlighted. For example, if you have selected “Reverb,” the parameters will be “Time” and “Depth.” Adjust these by moving the right-hand dial.

Play your guitar to hear how it sounds. Press and hold “Store” to keep the sound as a preset.

Scroll the left-hand dial to “Rhythm” and use the right-hand dial to select a rhythm type, such as “16-Beat.” Tap the “Bank Up-Tap” button to set a rhythm. This brings up a drum beat that you can play along with.


  • Use a clean sound on your amplifier so you can accurately assess the sound of the effect.