How to Use a Serato to DJ

How to Use a Serato to DJ. Serato is a program that allows DJs to play digitally recorded music on their turntables just as they would regular records. All it takes is the equipment that comes with the Serato properly connected to your mixer and turntables and you'll be ready to go.

Place one blank record on each of your turntables. There's no wrong way to put this on the turntable because both sides of the record are the same.

Connect the Serato box to your mixer by plugging the red and white cables into the back of the mixer. You'll need to look for the "line" inputs on the back of the mixer.

Plug the same cables into the Serato box. The red cable plugs into the slot marked "Line 1" and the white plugs into "Line 2." This can be reversed as long as the line slot you use on the mixer matches the slot on the Serato.

Attach your turntables to the Serato by using the appropriate cables. The first turntable connects into the first slots, and the second turntable connects to the number 2 slots.

Install the Serato software on a laptop computer and connect the computer to the Serato box. This allows you to access any music you have saved on the computer.

Pick two songs you want to use and drag the files onto the turntable slots marked on the program. The music goes directly to the 2 blank records on your turntables, allowing you to play digital music.

Play the songs by clicking on each one and adjust the levels with your mixer just as you would with two records.


Have a selection of songs ready to go on your computer so you can instantly choose several songs once you attach everything.

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