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How to Use a Clip-on Digital Guitar Tuner

You can use a clip-on digital guitar tuner for hands-free guitar tuning. Guitar strings go out of tune as they are played, and a clip-on tuner lets you tune without plugging in a cord. The clips are made to fit on the heads of guitars and pick up vibrations from string tones. A guitar tuner in vibration mode does not pick up other sounds from the band or audience, so tuning is possible above the din. A clip-on digital tuner will work for a bass, electric or acoustic guitar.

Clip the digital guitar tuner onto the head stock of a guitar. Do not let the tuner block any of the twist cranks on the tuning machines.

Turn the tuner on. Set the mode for picking up vibrations or for using the built-in microphone. Vibration mode is recommended if there are any other noises in the room.

Pluck a string and look at the digital readout screen on the tuner. Most models show a needle indicator to the left or right of a central mark to show whether the note is flat or sharp. Tune the string to a higher or lower pitch by tightening or loosening its tuning machine. There will be a color change on the screen or on small light beads to show when the string is in tune.


  • Keep the tuner clipped to the head of your guitar for easy tuning during a practice or performance.
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