How to Tie a Double Slipknot Paracord Bracelet

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Use paracord survival crafting to tie a double slipknot paracord bracelet. Named for its primary use as parachute cord, paracord is a strong but light cord material, useful for a variety of tasks in the wilderness where survival skills are required. A bracelet made from 12 inches of paracord in enough to make a small snare, that can be worn on the wrist.

Tie a knot near one end of the cord, but do not pull the knot tight.

Pass the other loose end through the loop in the knot, creating a larger loop with the cord.


Pull the knot tight around the cord that has passed through it.


Tie a knot near the second loose end so that knot formed wraps around the main length of cord.


Pull the knot tight.

Adjust the size of the loop by feeding more or less cord through the slip knots at either end. Pull it wide to fit your hand in, then shrink the loop to keep the bracelet on.


Use it as a cord when necessary. Remove the bracelet and untie both knots to have 12 inches of cord for snare tying or other short cord tasks.