How to Throw a Karaoke Party

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Karaoke parties are a great way to shine the spotlight on your friends and loved ones, and hosting your own event at home is easier than you might think. Gather your friends for a singalong they'll be sure to remember.

Planning Your Karaoke Night

The most important part of karaoke night is the music. Many mobile DJ businesses offer karaoke services and can be hired to run your event. For a truly professional set-up with the biggest catalog of songs, this may be your best option. Home karaoke systems are available for purchase or rent, but you also have to buy karaoke music. Select a system that is loud enough for your room. While a DJ will come prepared with song lists, if you do it yourself, you need to print your own. Once you decide which option is right for you, set a date and send out invitations.

Setting the Stage

Consider adding thematic elements to your karaoke night. Decorate in a traditional Japanese theme, deck your living room out like a bar-room for a more domestic approach, or combine the two into a swanky Japanese lounge. Reserve a large area for you or a DJ to set up the equipment, with seating facing where the singer will be performing. Consider lighting choices. Ideally, the room is dim, with spotlights or room lighting highlighting the performance area.

Food and Drink

If you decide on a Japanese theme, consider a sushi buffet. Pair with Japanese beers and saki shots. If you're going for more of a bar-room atmosphere, a large selection of pub-food appetizers such as chicken wings, nachos and sliders may be more appropriate, with beer and wine for drinks. If you're not serving adult beverages, serve a festive punch. For ease, serve buffet style so when guests aren't on stage, they can help themselves to snacks and drinks.

Hosting Duties and Games

As with any party, the host will be busy greeting guests, restocking food and drink, and picking up throughout the evening. At a karaoke party, the host usually hosts the show, with aid of the DJ if you hired one. A fun twist on the theme you can do at home, which you don't get at a karaoke party, is to incorporate games and prizes into the night. Gift cards to music retailers make for great prizes. Allow guests to challenge one another on which songs to sing. Award a prize to the biggest crowd pleasers. Consider a prize for whomever dances the most throughout the night.