How to Talk Like a Rapper

How to Talk Like a Rapper. Everyone is looking for a way to boost his or her street cred with the least amount of effort. Sure, you could pimp out your car or get some serious bling, but those things cost money. If a person is looking for a cheap and easy way to increase his or her street cred, they just need to talk like a rapper. It also has the added advantage of spicing up that business meeting or PTA luncheon.

Truncate the words you use. Rappers are busy people with all the music videos and keeping it real, so they don't have the time to waste by enunciating every word. Therefore, "For sure" becomes "Fo sur" or "All right" translates to "Aiht" and so on.

Curse for no reason when trying to talk like a rapper. Rappers are so angry that expletives populate their vocabulary in the normal course of speech. Most people utter these words when angry or frustrated, but rappers spew them as if they were paid by the curse word. Therefore, if you want to talk like a rapper, you need to let the expletives fly no matter where you are.

Let the words trail off slowly as you say them. For example, instead saying "All right" you would say "Aihttttt." Be sure to extend that last "T" sound for a second or two and then slowly decrease the volume.

Give a nickname to everyone you know. A rapper would never have a friend named Bob. If a Rapper were talking to that person, he would name him B-Money or B-Pimp or B-Large--you get the picture. If you want to talk like a rapper, all your friends, family and co-workers need a nickname.

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