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How to Take a Picture of Yourself Using a Cell Phone

Take time before snapping a picture of yourself with a cell phone.
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Since most cell phones have cameras and most people have cell phones, spontaneous self-portraits are not only possible, but frequent. Getting the most out of your cell-phone camera involves a few basic steps that will ensure your self-portraits put your best face forward.

Clean the lens of your cell-phone camera. Take a microfiber or 100 percent cotton cloth and gently wipe over the lens. While most phones have camera lenses on the backside, many phones released since the iPhone 4 are now being manufactured with lenses on both the front and back of the phone.

Be aware of the lighting. If the sun is behind you, your face will be dark. If the room is dark, your face will be dark. Ensure your face is adequately lighted by turning a lamp on in a darkened room or moving to the shade if you are outside. If there is no shade nearby, reposition yourself so the sun is not directly behind you nor directly in front of you, causing you to squint. Turning on the cell phone camera's flash will provide illumination and fill in the shadows on your face. If you are in a dark room and your face appears washed out or too bright, turn on more lights and turn off the flash. Most smartphones, including iPhones, Blackberrys and those using the Android operating system, have options that allow changing the exposure in low-light conditions.

Look at your surroundings. If the background of your photo has distracting objects, your face will not be the focal point of the photo. Reposition yourself so nothing distracts the viewer's attention from your face.

Hold the camera at arm's length, slightly above eye level, and look up with the camera lens pointed toward you. Posing in this manner slims your neck, giving a more flattering appearance.

Hold your breath as you take the picture. This keeps the camera still and helps sharpen the photo. Capture the image by either clicking the shutter button on the phone's camera or pressing the "select" button. Many phones, especially flip phones, also have a side button that acts as a shutter release.

Save the image on your phone to use later or to share with your friends and family.

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