How to Strengthen Your Vocal Cords

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Singing well takes practice and time; often this means training or strengthening your vocal cords, often called vocal folds by medical professionals. By strengthening your vocal cords you can improve the sound quality of your singing voice and increase the range of notes you can sing. Strengthening the vocal folds requires repeating exercises over time so the steps will need to be repeated daily to notice results in your singing voice.

Sit on a chair. Say the vowels "e" and "a" as loud as you can. Hold the vowels for 14 at least seconds each. Stop saying the vowel as soon as you voice starts to crack or fade. Repeat this exercise five times.

Say the "a" and "e" vowel sounds again, but this time push your arms down. Put all your weight on your arms by pushing down on the seat of the chair. Hold the vowel for at least 14 seconds, if possible. After finished, repeat five more times.

Say the "e" and "a" vowels but move up in pitch as you make the sound. Do this three times and then say the vowels again but go down in pitch another three times.

Repeat "ah, ah, ah" as loud as possible. Aim to speak clearly as well. Do this ten times.

Practice breathing from your diagram to strengthen your larynx and improve your singing voice. Sit or stand straight for this exercise. Place your hands over your stomach to feel the movement and breathe in as deeply as possible through your nose. After five seconds, breath out slowly. Your hands should move on your stomach.