How to Store Christmas Garland

Christmas garland is a classic holiday decoration. It adds character to everything from trees to fireplaces. When it comes time to take it down and store it, Christmas garland can be a nightmare. Even if you place it in a box with the utmost care, you can still open that box next year to find a tangled mass of garland. This method of storing Christmas garland not only keeps everything organized, but it also recycles some of those leftover wrapping paper tubes.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrapping Paper Tubes
  • Toilet Paper
  • Box With A Lid

Save the long cardboard tubes from your rolls of wrapping paper. Find a box with a lid long enough to accommodate the length of these tubes.

Take each piece of garland off the tree individually. There are three ways to use the paper tubes for storage. The first is to gently fold each strand of garland in half, then in half again and then slide it into the tubes. This works well with thin garland without decorations that hang from it. Place a wad of toilet paper in each end of the tube to keep the garland from falling out and place the tube in the box.

For the second method, wrap the garland around the outside of the tube. Use toilet paper to gently tie the garland around the tube at the top and bottom. The toilet paper will hold it gently without crushing or damaging the garland. Place the tubes in the storage box.

For the third method of storing Christmas garland, thread the garland through the tube multiple times. Drop the garland into the tube, letting any excess fall out of the other end of the tube. Bring the excess back up to the top and allow the bottom of the garland to drop through the tube again. Repeat until you've wrapped up all the garland. Tie the top and bottom ends with toilet paper to gently secure the garland, and add to the storage box.

Label your storage box and store it in a place where the paper tubes are at no risk of getting wet. The paper tubes will collapse if they're even a little wet, and your decorations can get tangled or ruined.