How to Stop Children From Biting Their Fingernails

How to Stop Children From Biting Their Fingernails. Children bite their nails out of anxiety, boredom or mere habit and it usually stops over time. This practice is as harmless as thumb sucking for most toddlers, but it can ruin the appearance of your child's nails and expose the cuticle. Here are some tips to help your child stop gnawing into her fingers.

Explain to your child that people bite nails when they are scared or upset. Watch if he is biting his fingernails at certain times and places such as while learning new things or meeting new people. Encourage him to talk about what is bothering him to relieve stress.

Try not to nag your child to quit nail biting if it is just a habit and not a sign of distress. The extra attention from you encourages her to continue the habit and your constant reminder makes her more nervous.

Get into an agreement to reward your child if he abstains from biting his nails. It should be his conscious decision to overcome the habit for the deal to work. Give the child a gold star or a sticker to mark the bite free days and give a special treat at the end of the week.

Use physical reminders to help you child break the habit like taping an adhesive bandage over her nails or painting them. Enhance consciousness about the appearance of their nails.

Cut the child's nails regularly and file them close. Children are naturally curious and restless. Frayed nails or rough edges prompt them to bite the nails making it a habit over time.


  • If you are applying solutions from drugstore to avert biting nails, make sure to read the ingredient first.

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