How to Start Basic Hip Hop Dance Steps

Start Basic Hip Hop Dance Steps

How to Start Basic Hip Hop Dance Steps. Learning hip hop dance steps requires mastering some basic movements. Hip hop is one of the most misunderstood dance forms. Dance teachers who are not thoroughly familiar with the history of hip hop will often use a blend of jazz and hip hop movements and label it hip hop. When taught properly, hip hop dance steps accurately reflect their culture and origin.

Kick Ball Change

Stand upright with your feet together and toes pointing forward.

Kick your right foot in front of you then bring it back toward your body.

Step out to the right putting your weight on your right foot.

Pick up your left foot and step out to the left, placing your weight on your left foot.

Crip Walk

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, placing your left leg slightly in front of your right. Your left heel and the tip of your right foot should form a line.

Pick the ball of your left foot off the ground. Move your left foot out to the left and back to the front, keeping your left heel touching the ground.

Step your right leg behind your left leg at the same time you move your left foot out, and move your right leg back to its starting position when you move your left foot back to the front.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 twice.

Walk It Out

Twist your legs left and right just like as in the popular twist from 1950s but pick your heels off the floor.

Move your arms in different directions.

Improvise and have fun trying new arm movements. No need to worry about choreography here.

The Salute

Stand upright with your feet together and toes pointing forward.

Look right with your head and hold your arms at shoulder height with your right arm directly out to your right side and your left arm folded so that your left fingertips are also pointing to the right.

Move your head to the left along with your arms. Both arms should be at shoulder height with your left arm facing directly out to your left side, and your right arm folded in with the right finger tips also pointing to the left.

Lunge forward with your right leg and bend your legs a bit. Make a fist with your right hand and bring your right arm in front of your body, making an "L" beginning at the fist on your right hand and ending at your right shoulder. Support your right arm by placing your left hand under your right elbow.

Raise your body back upright and turn to your left side, keeping your feet on the ground. Push your right palm towards the front as you turn left and bend your left arm in at shoulder height. Turn your face toward the back, in the opposite direction of your right palm.

Bend back to the position in Step 4.

Return to your upright starting position as in Step 1.

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