How to Sign Up to Be on "Extreme Home Makeover"

"Extreme Home Makeover" is a reality television series that highlights the plight of needy families and helps them by rebuilding the family home. Many families have been helped over the years. Although most have heart wrenching stories of loss and illness to tell, others simply need a better place to live. The team builds the home in seven days with the help of the community. Meanwhile the family is sent on a luxury vacation. When they return, the audience shouts the "Extreme Home Makeover" catchphrase: "Move that bus!" the house is unveiled. To sign up to be on the show, there are a few steps to consider.

Begin the application process by going to the ABC "Extreme Home Makeover" homepage. It also has a message board, facts and questions page and even contact information to answer any of your questions.

Read the instructions for obtaining the application carefully. Make sure that your computer has the proper programs needed before downloading the application. After downloading, read the application instructions to avoid a mistake that will disqualify your family.

Fill out the application as truthfully as possible. Include family photos so producers can put a face to the names mentioned in the application. Tell you story as eloquently as possible. Proofread your work. Send the application and accompanying materials to: Extreme Makeover Home Edition Lock & Key Productions C/O Family Casting P.O.Box 38670 Los Angeles, CA 90038


  • Because of the large volume of applications received each year, be prepared for a long wait. The staff at Extreme Home Makeover combs through all entries before making the final decisions. Once the staff decides who will be helped, several months may pass before the homeowner is contacted.