How to Sew Ballet Slippers

Things You'll Need

  • Ballet slipper pattern
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric
  • Non-scuff material for soles
  • Scissors
  • thread
  • pins
  • sewing machine/needle

Sewing a pair of ballet slippers for your little ballerina will keep her dancing even when she's off the stage. With a simple pattern and scraps of fabric, you can put together a comfortable pair of unique ballet style slippers in no time.

Search the internet or your local fabric store for a ballet slipper pattern. Measure the foot size you will be creating the slippers for and double-check the pattern to ensure it can be adjusted to suit your size needs.

Cut the pattern to size and lay out the pieces of fabric you plan to use for the bottom and sides. Consider using a no-scuff type of fabric for the bottom, to keep the wearer from slipping across polished floors.

Pin the pattern into place on the fabric and carefully cut out each individual piece.

Align the pieces of your slippers according to the instructions on the pattern, and pin them together inside out.

Use the straight-stitch setting on your sewing machine and sew around the outer-edge of the slipper. Once you reach the return point, double-back to strengthen your knot and cut the thread.

Turn your slipper outside-right and try it on. Repeat the same steps with the second slipper.

Trim the outer edge with lace, sewing it into place along the seam of the slipper and consider sewing a bow to each slipper.


  • Decorate slippers with bows and buttons.


  • If using thick fabric, be sure to use the right strength needle and durable thread.