How to Sew a Two-piece Hijab

Sewing your own hijabs allows you to copy styles that may not be available locally.

The two-piece hijab style, also known as al-Amira, has been popular since the late 1990s. It became popular for the simplicity of wearing it: you just slip the pieces on, no pins or elaborate wrapping required. The pieces consist of a wide headband, which can be worn closer to the eyebrows or the hairline, and a part that covers the crown and the rest of the head, neck, and chest. If you have two-piece hijabs in several colors, you can mix and layer colors for effortless style.

Preparing Fabric and Taking Measurements

Get two yards of lightweight knit fabric. Launder according to the directions on the bolt. Press to remove wrinkles using the iron setting indicated for the fiber.

Measure the circumference of your head at the hairline. Add 1 inch to this measurement. Measure the distance from your crown to your chin. Add 1 inch to this measurement.

Measure out 1 foot of fabric from the cut edge. Cut this and set it aside.

Making the Parts of the Hijab

Fold the larger part of the fabric in half, right sides together, short sides meeting. Lay the fabric down flat, with the cut edges closest to you.

Mark the fabric at the halfway point of the left side. Measure out the crown to chin length on the right side from the fold down. Mark this point. Measure up 2 inches from the cut edges of the fabric on the right side. Mark this point. Draw a curved line from this point to the halfway point on the left side, using the French curve to keep the curve smooth.

Cut the fabric along this curved line. Use a zigzag stitch to sew the right side of the fabric up to the point marked for the crown to chin measurement. Set this piece aside.

Measure out your head circumference, plus 1 inch, on the long side of the strip of fabric set aside earlier. Cut the strip to this length. Hem the long sides of the strip with a zigzag stitch. Fold the strip in half, right sides together, cut edges meeting. Stitch shut with a zigzag stitch.

Turn the two parts of the hijab right side out. Put on the foot-high tube like a headband. Pull the second part over your head and drape over the neck and chest. Check the fit of the opening for the face and make sure that the tube fits comfortably. Remove and hem all raw edges.


Embellish your two piece hijab by sewing on ribbon, lace, or beaded trims.

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