How to Sew a Peasant Blouse With a Pattern

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Things You'll Need

  • Peasant blouse pattern
  • Fabric
  • Iron
  • Straight pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Cord or ribbon (optional)

A peasant blouse is a loose-fitting garment, often with a ruched or ruffled neckline, bodice or sleeves. They come in a variety of patterns, from puffy sleeved to off the shoulder or laced bodice. If you have a pattern for a peasant blouse, you can make your own gypsy-style peasant shirt from the pattern. These tops are especially suited for summertime, as they are loose fitting and open. They are best constructed from light, flowing fabrics.

Read the pattern's instructions carefully and identify the pieces of the pattern for the bodice, sleeves and any other pieces, such as neck lining or inserts.

Iron the fabric. Light cotton, rayon cotton lawn or muslin work well with a peasant-style blouse.

Place the pattern pieces as directed onto the fabric, pinning them in position. Some patterns require you to fold the fabric and place the pattern piece along the fold, while others may direct you to place the pattern on doubled-up fabric to cut two pieces at once, and others still may require a single, unfolded piece of fabric.

Cut out the fabric around the pinned pattern pieces. At a minimum you should have a back and front panel for the bodice and two arm pieces for the sleeves, depending on your pattern.

Follow any preliminary steps in the instructions, such as gathering the seam lines along the neck, folding over hems for cord tubes, or sewing darts.

Pin the bodice pieces together wrong-side out, usually at the shoulders and along the side seams. Sew them together on a sewing machine, using the seam allowance recommended on your pattern. Hem the bottom of the blouse as directed by the instructions.

Fold the arm pieces wrong-side out and sew along the seam using the appropriate seam allowance for the pattern. Pin the shoulder cap of the sleeves to the arm holes on the bodice of the blouse, then sew them together.

Thread cord or ribbon around the end of the sleeves and the neck line if the pattern suggests a ruffled style; otherwise hem the sleeve and and neck as directed to finish the peasant blouse.