How to Set Up an Easel

How to Set Up an Easel. There are a large variety of artist easels, but they all share some basic features. Each has a clamp or lever above the shelf where the canvas sits. In addition, you can adjust your easel to a height that's comfortable for you.

Decide if you will stand or sit at your artist easel and adjust its height accordingly. If you typically sit, have the chair or stool you use handy so you can get this part just right.

Place your blank canvas on the tray of the easel and adjust the top bar so it holds your canvas securely in place. This is usually done by loosening a screw and sliding the top bar in place, then tightening the screw again.

Check the sides of your artist easel for additional levers that allow you to control the angle of the tilt your canvas.

Learn how to fold your artist easel flat for storage and transportation purposes. This can be very important for artists who specialize in landscapes, as well as those who don't have a designated studio space.


Read the owner's manual that came with your artist easel. It will tell you exactly how you can adjust an easel to your particular needs.

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