How to Set Eyelets in the Crop-A-Dile II

Things You'll Need

  • Crop-A-Dile II Big Bite
  • Eyelet
  • Scrapbook page

Manufactured by We R Memory Keepers, the Crop-A-Dile II Big Bite is an eyelet- and grommet-setting tool. The Big Bite was a significant change from the original Crop-A-Dile. The original Crop-A-Dile provided the capability to set eyelets only around the edges of your scrapbook page. The Big Bite is designed to punch holes and set eyelets with an extended reach of six inches. This means you can put eyelets in the center of your scrapbook pages instead of just around the edges.

Move the slider on the top of the tool to the size hole punch you want to use. The settings for the Crop-a-Dile II hole punch are one-eighths and three-sixteenths. Press down on the top handle, and you can see the hole punch move.

Place the scrapbook page into the Crop-a-Dile’s slot. Press down on the top handle to punch a hole in the page.

Move the slider on the top of the tool all the way to the front to change the setting to eyelets. If you press down on the top handle, you can see the eyelet setter move.

Turn the two cubes on the edge of the slot to the correct settings for your eyelet type. Your settings depend on the size of your eyelet. For three-sixteenths, use “A” and “1.” For flat-top eyelets, use “B” and “2.” For one-eighths, use “C” and “3.” For one-third, use “D” and “4.”

Place the top eyelet in the page’s hole. The top of the eyelet goes on the front side of the page. Turn the page over, and place the back of the eyelet on the back side of the page. Carefully insert the page into the Crop-a-Dile’s slot with the front eyelet on the bottom cube.

Press down on the handle slowly to set the eyelet. Release the handle, and take the page out.


  • Don’t press the handle down too hard, or you'll risk damaging the front of your eyelet.