How to Send Large Boxes

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Sending boxes, packages, presents or other items through the mail is a common occurrence. Many send at least one package a year, giving rise to shipping companies like UPS or FedEx. The problem with large items is that shipping can be annoying due to the specific requirements of the various shipping companies. There are weight and size requirements that can make shipping larger packages and boxes a hassle. There are also requirements about the shape of the package, since oddly-shaped packages can be hard for the company to ship.

Measure the box's dimensions. Shipping services like UPS and FedEx have exacting requirements. If the box is considered too large, they will refuse to ship. Using measuring tape, determine both length and girth in inches.

Write down the length and the added length and girth. Some shipping companies, like UPS, have a specific length requirement and a specific length and girth requirement, but not a girth requirement alone.

Weigh the box. Large boxes within the allowed size requirements might not be in the allowed weight requirements. Write down the weight.

Check the weight and size requirements for the preferred method of sending. Since each service has different requirements, it is possible that a large box sendable via USPS is not sendable via FedEx.

Send the package through the service that best fits your criteria. In many cases, a large box can be sent through any service, but the weight and size requirements must be followed. For packages heavier than 70 pounds, shipping must be done through UPS or a similar company. That is because the U.S. Postal Service does not allow large boxes exceeding 70 lbs. All the shipping services have large boxes available, but the size and weight requirements often differ. Most large packages are acceptable to all or most of the shipping services; however, options are more limited for larger or heavier packages.


  • UPS ships the heavier, larger boxes, allowing as much as 150 pounds; USPS only allows for 70 pounds. Large, heavy boxes should be sent through UPS.


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