How to Send an April Fool's Email

How to Send an April Fool's Email. April Fool's Day is a terrific holiday because, like Halloween, your participation is based solely on your imagination and how far you'll let it take you. It's easy to get involved, even if all you do is change someone's screensaver to something silly, but for some of the more interesting April Fool's pranks you'll need to think ahead. A simple April Fool's prank is sending a bogus email to people you know.

Log on to your email account.

Click in the "Compose Mail" link, or whichever commands opens up the email editor.

Enter the email addresses of all the recipients into the "To:" text box. As an alternative you can click on names from your address book and have them added that way. Also, consider using the "CC:" and "BCC:" functions so that recipients of the email can't see who else is receiving the email.

Provide a link to an outside website in the body of the email, or fill in whatever verbiage you need in order to get the prank moving. To make a more elaborate prank more believable you might want to include plenty of official-looking wording, and maybe even a pretend logo or two.

Double check the content of the email and the email addresses to ensure they're all correct. You should also check any hyperlinks you include.

Send the email by clicking on the appropriate "Send" button. If you've sent the email without a subject in the Subject line then you may receive a warning which you can ignore or address by adding a subject.


Set up your own websites as pranks for the email. Make a page with bogus news reports about your arrest, send fake photos of you at exotic locations or anything else that you can think to do. Then simply send a link to your friends' email addresses.


Avoid the urge to send April Fool's Day links to websites which could be considered shock sites. Shock sites include those with lewd or graphic images or music and language which is unfit for listening at work. Exposing people to such websites can actually be very dangerous for them (some employers punish employees for looking at questionable material at the office).

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