How to Select Patterns for Wood Carving

How to Select Patterns for Wood Carving. Sometimes, a wood carving project manifests itself, unbidden, in your mind and you carve the piece based on what you see in your imagination. At other times, you may want to follow a pattern to create something specific. Patterns are especially good tools for beginning wood carvers. If you want to use patterns for wood carving, you must first know how to select them.


Subscribe to a magazine like "Wood Carving Illustrated." This is a comprehensive magazine full of news, ideas and information for people who carve wood as a hobby. The magazine's website has a good selection of free wood carving patterns (see Resources below). Look to the Internet for inspiration. There are lots of free wood carving patterns located online. One site that has enough patterns to keep you busy for a long time to come is the Northwest Carvers Assn website (see Resources below).

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