How to: Rustic Twig Crafts

Tie twigs together to make household items.
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Rustic and country style décors often call for natural elements as decoration. Though handmade items can be expensive to purchase, they’re relatively cheap and simple to make yourself. The twigs are free; all you have to do is choose strong pieces that will last. After that, your imagination is your only limitation. You may make twig bowls, tiny ladders for hanging herbs, picture frames and even vase covers. Replace ordinary items in your home with these twiggy versions to give your home a cozy, rustic feel.

Things You'll Need

  • 16 Gauge Craft Wire
  • Wire Nips
  • Twigs
  • Pruning Snips
  • Pliers

Determine which twig craft you would like to make. For ladders, pick twigs about 1 inch in diameter. For bowls or picture frames, 1/4 inch diameter should work well. Think about how strong your item must be to determine the thickness of your twigs.

Collect twigs outdoors. Try to choose fallen twigs, looking for dry, stiff, hard pieces. If you have to harvest from the trees, take no more than one twig in three. If the twigs are to be bent, choose green ones.

Cut the twigs to size with pruning snips. 6 inch twigs will make a fairly large bowl. For a ladder, choose the height, width and step spacing before cutting. For instance, if you want a 3-foot, 6-inch wide ladder with the steps 6 inches apart, you need two 3-foot twigs and six 8-inch twigs. The 2 extra inches allow you to attach the steps to the side pieces.

Unroll about 10 inches of wire to secure your first two twigs. Wrap the wire in an X around perpendicular joints and in a figure-eight around parallel twigs.

Keep the wire tight. If it cuts into the wood a bit, that’s OK. It means the twigs won’t slip out of the wire.

Nip the wire close to the twigs after wrapping each connection. This prevents wasted wire. If you precut connection pieces, you end up with a lot of tiny wire bits. If you cut as you go, you throw away less.


  • Never climb on a ladder you make from twigs. Use it to hang small pots, coffee mugs or dried herbs. Use a circular wooden coaster as the bottom of a twig bowl. You may wood glue it into place or use hot glue, depending on your preferences. Frames made of twigs usually don’t have glass fronts. You may leave the frame open or cover the picture with acetate film to protect it.