How to Run a Bingo Night for the PTA

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Everyone's played bingo at least once in their lives. It's also an easy and inclusive activity for PTA groups, either as a night to relax together, or as a fundraising event for the school. With some planning, organization and some help from other volunteers, you can have your PTA yelling "BINGO!" in no time.


Find a location for your bingo night. Since it's for the PTA, the school you're involved with would make the most sense. Get permission from the school's principal or the administration before moving forward. If permission is granted, you can use the school's cafeteria, which will already come with tables and seating for the players.

Pick a date and time to play the game. Check with the PTA members during the next meeting to see what day works best for everyone. Get a feel for what time would work best for most people, too. Also, check with the school to make sure the facility will be available during the day of the proposed game.

Invite parents and teachers to the event. Spread the word through posters hung at school, or with an article in the PTA newsletter. Ask if teachers would be willing to send flyers home with the children to give their parents.

Buy or borrow the bingo equipment. This should include bingo cards, chips or markers, and a bingo blower (a tumbler for the bingo numbers). Make sure you have enough cards for everyone who might possibly attend. If you can't borrow the equipment, you can buy the supplies.

Decide on prizes for the winners. Even if it's a fundraising event, guests should get some sort of reward if they win. These prizes can be as simple as home-baked goods made by PTA members. You could also contact local vendors, to solicit prize donations.

Determine if you'll charge a fee to play. An entry fee is a great way to earn some money for the school.

Host the event. You may need help from other parents or teachers to keep things running smoothly. There should be someone to greet guests at the door, someone to take the admissions (if you're charging) and another person to read the bingo numbers as they're drawn.

Things You'll Need

  • A location such as a gym or cafeteria
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Bingo cards
  • Bingo chips or markers
  • A bingo blower
  • Posters or fliers
  • Friends or volunteers
  • Prizes