How to Romance Women Using Magic Tricks

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Envelope
  • Magic flower
  • Handkerchief

How to Romance Women Using Magic Tricks. Sometimes all it takes is a little magic to win the heart, or at least the attention, of a beautiful woman. These 2 tricks are likely to melt the heart of any woman you might be trying to romance.

Attract Women by Performing Mind-Reading Tricks

Write the number that is 2 times the current year on a piece of paper and seal it inside an envelope. Put it in your pocket and save it for a later occasion.

Walk up to the woman you are attracted to and tell her you bet you know a number that she will come up with on her own. Show her the sealed envelope and tell her that in preparation of your meeting, you have written the number down and sealed it in the envelope.

Give her a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and ask her to write down the answers to the following questions. She needs to write down the year she was born, the year of an important event in her life, the number of years between that year and the current year and the age she will be this year.

Ask her to add up the 4 numbers, but don't be afraid to step in to assist if she is struggling.

Ask her to open the envelope and compare the 2 numbers. She will be amazed when she finds that they are the same and will likely be tempted to find out more about you and why you like using magic tricks.

Give a Woman a Flower Trick

Perform this trick for a woman you are interested in or the one that you're already dating. The rose prop for this trick can be purchased at a local magic store or through an online magic retailer like Magic Supply (see Resources below).

Tell the lady in question that you will be using a magic trick to produce a special surprise for her. When you have her attention, show her both sides of the handkerchief so she can see that there is nothing in it, while clasping the collapsed rose tightly in one of your hands.

Hold up the handkerchief with one hand and hide the hand with the rose behind it. Release your hold on it so it pops into its full shape.

Drag the handkerchief dramatically down over the rose to reveal it. Present it to the woman for whom you performed the trick.


  • Using magic is a great way to combine romance and your fun side, but don't forget to get her real flowers and presents to let her know how special she is.-


  • Using magic could be a turn-off for women who dislike pick-up lines.

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