How to Remove Paper From the Blades in a Paper Shredder

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Things You'll Need

  • Tweezers
  • Bristle brush
  • Blow dryer

Leaving small pieces of paper in a paper shredder's blades results in duller blades. Dull blades make it more difficult for the shredder to function properly and increases the likelihood of paper jams. Keeping the blades of your paper shredder cleared of paper helps your paper shredder work better and last longer.

Run the shredder forward for a few seconds and then run it backwards for a few seconds. This helps dislodge small paper particles that may be jammed in the shredding mechanism.

Unplug the shredder. Don't do maintenance on the shredder while it's plugged in.

Remove the top of the shredder from the receptacle below so you have access to both sides of the shredding mechanism.

Pull out the paper you can see and grasp with your fingers.

Remove stuck bits of paper with tweezers.

Use a large bristle brush to vigorously brush the shredding mechanism. Brush the top, where you insert the paper to be shredded, and bottom, where the shredded paper emerges, to remove small bits of paper and dust particles from the shredder. Cleaning both the top and the bottom ensures you reach papers that may be inaccessable from one side of the shredding mechanism.

Blow the shredder clean with your hair dryer. Hold the dryer a few inches above the shredder and turn it on high. Let the air dislodge small particles of paper from the shredder.

Return the shredder mechanism to the receptacle base and plug it back in so it's ready for use the next time you need it.


  • If the shredder jams during use, turn it off and pull the papers you were feeding into the shredder, out of the shredder through the top. Turn it over and do the same from the bottom. Turn it back on and it should function.


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