How to Put Music on a Blank CD

Burn your music playlists to a CD.
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Creating a music CD with your favorite songs easily done with software that comes with your computer. The software is iTunes on all Macs or Windows Media Player on Windows. If you don't have these programs on your computer, you can download them for free from the Apple or Microsoft Windows websites. Make sure you use a blank CD-R disc and not a CD-RW disc. CD-RW discs will not playback in a standard CD player.

Things You'll Need

  • Itunes
  • Blank Cd-R Disc
  • Windows Media Player
  • Computer


Open iTunes and click on the "File" menu.

Choose "New Playlist" from the menu and name the new playlist. The playlist will show in the left sidebar of the iTunes application.

Click on the "Music" option to open your music library.

Click and drag the songs you want from your music library to the new playlist. A green plus sign will indicate that the song has been accepted to the playlist.

Insert a blank CD-R into your computer and choose the "Burn Disc" option in the bottom right hand corner of the iTunes application. The disc should self-eject when it is finished.

Windows Media Player

Click the "Burn" tab in the player library.

Select the "Burn Options" button and then "Audio CD".

Insert a blank CD-R disc into your computer and close the "Autoplay" box if it opens.

Create a burn list by dragging the audio files you want on the CD from your music library.

Click "Start Burn" when you are finished creating your burn list.


  • You can add music to your media library by downloading individual songs or entire albums from online music stores. iTunes has its own online media store. Windows Media Player has a tab for "Online Stores" and gives you access to several places to download music and other media. You can also add the music you may already have on purchased CDs. Insert the music CD into your computer and the media player should by default open a box that asks if you want to add to your library. If this box doesn't pop up, simply click on the "Add to Library" selection in the file menu of your media player.