How to Put a Hole in a Glass Container

Electric drill with a drill on a white background image by terex from

Things You'll Need

  • Glass container
  • Basket or other container
  • Bath towels
  • Safety glasses
  • Glass of water
  • Cordless drill

People choose to make holes in glass containers many reasons. Some use the holes to insert a string of small lights into the vessel, while others use the hole as a way to hang the container on a wall. Putting a hole in a glass container--such as a bottle--is best done with a power drill. Lubrication and the right drill bit are essential to your success.

Line a basket or other container with one or two bath towels, providing a cushioned area for the glass container to rest.

Place the glass container in the basket and cushion it with the towels so it won't move around. Put on safety glasses to protect your eyes while drilling.

Install a 1/2-inch diamond drill bit into the end of your cordless drill, then dip the bit into a glass of water to lubricate it.

Hold the drill bit at a 45-degree angle and, while holding the glass container firmly with your other hand, begin to drill into the glass container at the desired site.

Raise the handle of the drill, slowly, while applying steady pressure, until you are drilling directly into the glass, no longer at a 45-degree angle. Continue applying slow and steady pressure until you are close to drilling all the way through and then decrease the pressure slightly as you break through the glass.


  • For extra lubrication, have someone help disperse clean water onto the drill site using a spray bottle.


  • Do not use an electric drill for any reason. Electricity and water don't mix.