How to Print Typed Post-It Notes

BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

If you have messy handwriting or need to get a personal note to several people simultaneously, you can enhance office communication and customize some Post-It Notes. Typed Post-It Notes make communication clear, concise and attractive. Producing them for yourself is a straightforward, uncomplicated process.

Download a template for typing Post-It Notes. If you prefer, you can simply make your own template. For each Post-It Note, make the margins 2.5 inches wide and 2.7 inches high.

Type your message. Decide how many custom Post-It Notes you need and type your message into each box. Use Copy and Paste to make this go much quicker.


Print typed messages. Print the document as you normally would. Do not involve the Post-It Notes yet. Once printed, apply a Post-It Note to each typed message.


Reprint. With the Post-It Notes covering the typed messages, place the paper into the manual feeder of your printer. Print the page again.


Use your typed Post-It Notes and impress coworkers, friends, students and teachers with your ingenuity.



  • Follow all manufacturer guidelines and recommendations for your particular printer.