How to Print the Alphabet in Bubble Letters

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Things You'll Need

  • Word processing program
  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Construction paper (optional)

Almost every font can be produced with a "bubble letter" treatment. A bubble letter is basically an outline of a letter with white space inside the letter's outline. There are many reasons you might need the alphabet in bubble letters. Bubble letters are very easy to read, so they're good for signs and school projects, and also are easy for preschoolers to recognize and reproduce. Whatever your reason is for needing to know how to print the alphabet in bubble letters, it is easy to do this with a basic word processing program.

Choose your font. Good fonts for bubble letters are simple, without a lot of embellishments.

Type out the alphabet in your word processing program using your selected font. Make the letters bold so they make better bubble letters.

Format the font to be an outline. This is what gives it the "bubble" effect. In Word or Works, you do this by selecting the text and going to the Format>Font menu and selecting the option for "Outline."

Adjust the font size to make the letters as big as you need them. If you need them to be a whole sheet, you may need to change your page settings to reduce the margins.

Print the alphabet in bubble letters on colored paper. Cut out your bubble letters use them as needed.


  • If you print the alphabet in bubble letters in color, you will use a lot of ink. It's better to print onto colored paper and then cut out what you need. If you have a lot to print and you don't have colored paper, it might be wise to consider a printing service.


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