How to Print Tags for Wedding Favors

Wedding Favor image by Trevor Goodwin from

Things You'll Need

  • Specialty paper (colors or themed) or card stock
  • Adhesive
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter or other decorative accent

Wedding favors are a special memento for those who attend a wedding. Adding a special touch to the wedding favors is creating a tag that displays the names of the bride and groom and date of their wedding. Some tags have entwined hearts or rings along side the text. There are Internet sites that provide services to create tags for wedding favors and stores that offer this print service, but to make it special, personalize the favors by doing them by hand.

Gather the paper or card stock to create the tags, along with the adhesive and glitter or other embellishments.

Write or draw the personalized information to go on the tag, and calligraphy, for example, is a beautiful way to inscribe the favor tags. If you are using candles at the reception dinner, create a hanging tag to place around the candle that each guest can take home.

Cut out the shape, and attach the ribbon to the tag and the favor. Punch a hole in both sides of a tag and thread a thin ribbon through the right hole from front to back and then through the left hole. Make large enough to slip over the candle, and tie the ends to secure to the candle or holder. If you have a printer and photo manipulating software, use this to create a favor tag.

Open the photo software, and choose "New Document." Pick the text, font and decorations you want and the shape of your tag. Depending on the size of your tag, add a picture.

Save the document, and print a test page. If there are any changes, make them and then print another test page. Once you have the desired result, save the creation on a CD/DVD. Depending on how many favors you're making tags for and your budget, take it to a photo copy store and have them print out your design, or use your own printer.