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How to Print Onto Fabric With HP Photosmart Printers

HP Photosmart printers can be used to print designs directly onto fabric.
fabric image by Gina Smith from Fotolia.com

HP’s Photosmart printers are HP’s ink jet printers that are designed to print high quality images and graphics on both photo paper and inkjet printer paper. Photosmart printers are also able to print directly onto fabric, providing a means for individuals, businesses and organizations to create and produce custom fabric designs. Pre-made inkjet fabric sheets can be purchased at craft, fabric and office supply stores. The pre-made fabric sheets are designed to pass through the printer without jamming.

Printing Onto Fabric

Turn on the Photosmart printer and the attached computer. Check the cable between the two machines to make sure it is securely plugged into both.

Open the program you are using to make the design. After you have made the design the size you desire, click on the “File” option at the top of the interface. Select “Print” and then “Properties.” In the properties menu go to “Print Quality” and select “Best.” Under “Paper Type” select “Plain Paper.” Click on “OK” to accept the properties settings.

Remove any regular paper from the paper feed tray in the printer. Place a single fabric sheet in the printer’s feed tray, making sure the paper guides are adjusted correctly. Press “OK” in the print window on the computer and start the print job.

Wait for the ink on the fabric sheet to dry completely before removing the paper sheet back. Check the fabric sheet package to see if the fabric needs to be rinsed before it is handled or used.


Remember to only put one sheet in the printer's feeder tray at a time. Placing more than one sheet in the tray could cause the printer to jam.

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