How to Print on a Paper Bag

creased brown paper image by Adrian Hillman from

Things You'll Need

  • Word processing program or image editing program
  • Ruler
  • Paper bag
  • Printer

Paper bags are inexpensive items that are used for a variety of purposes such as children’s lunch bags, treat bags for parties and much more. Paper bags come in two basic colors, brown and white. They are rather plain looking, but if you want to spice up their look a bit for a party or for your child to take to school at lunch, you can print on a paper bag to add a design to it.

Launch your word processing program or your image editing program. Use the ruler to measure your paper bag’s height and width when it is laying flat, and then configure your document to the dimensions of your paper bag, adding approximately a half an inch to an inch to each margin. Then create the design that you want to print on your paper bag by using the tools provided within your program.

Place your paper bag into your printer tray with the flap of the folded bag positioned so that it will be on the underside of the bag when it is printed. For most cheaper model printers, this means positioning the folded bag within the tray with the folded flap side facing upwards.

Click the “Print” icon located within your program and select the number of copies you want to print. If you want to print more than one at a time, print them individually.


  • If you’re not sure of how your printer prints and how you should position the bag within your printer, print the design on a test sheet of paper and observe how the paper goes through the tray, so that you can determine how to load the paper bag in the tray.


  • Only load one paper bag in the printer tray at a time to prevent jamming up your printer.