How to Print Free Tri-Fold Wedding Programs Using a Traditional Program & Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • 28 lb. to 32 lb. paper stock
  • Color printer
  • Word processing program

Wedding programs are an important of your wedding ceremony. They help guests feel more involved and let them know what to expect during the ceremony. Wedding programs also allow you to explain any wedding traditions or pay tribute to someone special who could not attend your wedding. Many brides-to-be choose to design and print their wedding programs at home to save money. There are different templates available to help you make free tri-fold wedding programs. You can make your programs as simple or as elaborate as you choose.

Purchase heavy paper stock. For tri-fold wedding programs, you will want to use paper that is between 28 and 32 lb. bond. You can buy paper for your programs at any office supply store or craft store. There are also websites that sell heavy paper stock, and they may offer more of a selection than you will find at your local store.

Check your printer ink. You will need a color ink jet printer. Make sure you have enough ink to print as many programs as you will need.

Choose a wedding program template. You can make the wedding program from scratch on a word-processing program or find a template to help you with your overall layout. You can find templates online for free at sites such as Maria’s Wedding Boutique ( or The Wedding Boutique ( There are also templates available in most word-processing programs, including Microsoft Office. Make sure the template you choose is for a tri-fold program.

Decide on the material you want listed on your wedding program. Traditional wedding programs include the name of the couple, the wedding date, and the place of the ceremony. Programs should also include the order of the ceremony including musical selections, special readings, and the names of the wedding party and officiant. You may want to use the program to explain any rituals or traditions that you incorporate in your wedding. Many couples also express thanks to their parents and guests in the program and honor any deceased loved ones. Check with your officiant for the exact order of the ceremony.

Input your information in the wedding template or in a word-processing program. Make sure you have the page layout set to “landscape” mode and that there are three columns for a tri-fold program. Be sure the layout is to your liking. Change the font and colors to personalize your wedding program. You may choose to have colors that match those of your wedding or go with a simple black and white.

Print the program on a regular piece of paper before printing on the heavier stock. Make sure everything lines up correctly and there are no typos or errors. Correct any mistakes.

Print the programs on the card stock. Allow yourself enough time to correct any mistakes on the program, but wait to print until you get closer to the ceremony in case you have any last-minute changes.

Fold the programs into thirds. You may want to enlist some help especially if you have many programs to fold.

Add any decorations. Some couples may want to add ribbon, stickers, glitter, or other designs to their tri-fold wedding programs. You can make yours as detailed or as simple as you wish.