How to Price Embroidery Monogramming

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The prices of embroidery monogramming can vary as greatly as the monogram designs themselves. One of the elements that goes into embroidery monogramming pricing is whether you are selecting standardized letters or seeking a customized monogram. If you desire a customized monogram, there is usually a cost involved for digitizing a design that you created or for hiring an artist to create an embroidery monogram design. Some embroidery design companies specialize in digitizing and replicating antique monograms.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Thread
  • Spreadsheet
  • Embroidery Machine

Determine the specifics of your embroidery monogramming order. Is the order 2, 200, or 1000 items? What are the monogram's letters, their sizes, and the font? What are the thread colors your need? Look at the embroidery thread color charts offered by each company, as these can vary considerably.

Create a spreadsheet in a computer program or use a sheet of notebook paper to list your options for the embroidery monogramming order. Be sure to including shipping and handing, setup fees, and order processing times, if applicable.

Call local embroidery shops and get price quotes for the embroidery monogramming. Enter these results on your spreadsheet or list.

Go online and get embroidery monogramming quotes from online companies. You will need to fill out the price quote forms online. When you receive the price quotes, which can take from a few hours to a few days, add these monogramming quotes to your spreadsheet or list.

Determine if buying an embroidery machine is a feasible option for you to complete the work in-house. Get quotes on embroidering machines by different manufacturers, as well as thread and materials needed to complete the monogramming. Don’t forget to add the cost of the person who will run the machine; even if he is one of your own employees, he has an hourly cost. Add the quotes to your spreadsheet or list.

Decide on the best option for embroidery monogramming and put in the order, or purchase the embroidery machine and start monogramming the items.


  • Watch the instructional DVD that came with your embroidery machine; it will be very helpful. Modern machines are touch and go—they thread themselves, have computerized touch screens, and basically do all the work except switching the thread spool colors. You don’t even have to sit with the machine while it embroiders. Some embroidery companies create monograms only and not logos—logos are different and can require different machinery. Consider re-selling the embroidery machine when your project is done. You may be able to recoup most of the purchase price, especially if the warranty is extendable or still in effect. Be sure to keep all the manuals, materials, feet, and cases together.


  • Remember that online vendors may require you to purchase both the items (such as hats) and the monogramming from them. For local companies, you may be able to order the items yourself and have the company embroider them for you. Calculate these price differences as well. Don’t forget to take into consideration the quality of the garment and thread when getting price quotes—cheaper is not always better if the shirt falls apart.