How to Play What Time is it Mr. Wolf

How to Play What Time is it Mr. Wolf. "What time is it Mr. Wolf?", also known as "What time is it Mr. Fox?," is a classic version of tag that helps kids work on listening skills, counting skills and coordination required for running while also enjoying being outside and playing with friends. Read on to learn how to play "What Time is it Mr. Wolf?."

Select one person to be Mr. Wolf to start off the game. This person needs to stand, facing away from the group, at either the other end of a small field or a cleared area suitable to run around. Determine the size of the playing area based on the age and ability of the kids playing.

Line all the other children up at the other end of the area. Make sure there is a distinct line or markers to note the starting place.

Call out as a group "What time is it Mr. Wolf?"

Have Mr. Wolf respond with a random time, such as "five o'clock" or "eleven o'clock."

Step forward, with the kids, as many spaces as Mr. Wolf said it was time. So if Mr. Wolf said it was three o'clock step forward three spaces.

Repeat this asking, answering and stepping pattern.

Beware that at any time Mr. Wolf can answer "lunchtime," when asked the time. When this happens, the child playing Mr. Wolf with face the other children and chase them back to the original start line.

Become the next Mr. Wolf if you were the first person tagged before returning back to the original starting line.

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