How to Play Violin Chords

Violin chords add a dimension to music.
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A violin chord is played when you run the bow across more than one string at a time. Violin chords add a dimension to your music, whether you're playing fiddle, classical or any other type of music. Chords can seem a bit tricky at first, but once you have the basics down, they're quite easy to play.

Run the bow across the D string and the A string at the same time to try a basic chord. Make sure you use even pressure on both strings.

Place your first finger on the A string and then run the bow across the D string and A string at the same time to complicate things a bit. Try playing other combinations with fingers on one string and no fingers on another string.

Use fingers on two strings while playing a chord after you feel comfortable with step 2. This can feel awkward at first, because you're accustomed to putting all your fingers on the same string, but practice will make it feel natural.

Try using three strings in one chord. If you find that you need to use the same finger on two adjacent strings, place your finger between the two strings firmly enough to cover both of them.


  • Slow down when you add chords to a song. They take more concentration at first.


  • Don&#039;t get sloppy and allow your bow to touch strings that aren&#039;t involved in the chord. Try to be precise.