How to Play the Flutophone

Play the Flutophone

How to Play the Flutophone. If you want your child to learn how to read and appreciate music without spending a ton of money, then the flutophone is definitely the instrument of choice. Flutophones require less air control and are therefore easier for a child to play. If you follow these simple steps then you can have your son or daughter playing the flutophone in no time.

Hold the flutophone with the mouthpiece facing you and the hole on top.

With the left hand cover the thumb hole with the thumb and the top holes with the index middle and ring fingers. Put the thumb of your right hand on the thumb rest.

Place the mouthpiece lightly on your mouth and blow softly through the flutophone, starting with the sound "dahh."

Cover the thumb hole and the first 3 holes of the flutophone with the first, second and third fingers of the left hand to play note G. The fingers of the right hand should be lifted off of the flutophone.

Lift up the third finger of the left hand to play note A.

Play note B by lifting up the second finger of the left hand. The only holes covered should be the thumb hole and the first hole with your left hand.

Tongue each consecutive note.


There are grooves on the flutophone to tell if you are covering the hole properly. Use the padded part of the fingers and not the finger tips to make sure no air escapes.

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