How to Play the Dulcimer

How to Play the Dulcimer. The dulcimer is a stringed instrument that is relatively easy to learn to play and produces a beautiful sound. Begin with a basic understanding of how the instrument works, and be ready to practice every day. Follow the tips below and learn how to play the dulcimer.

Begin by holding the dulcimer across the knees while sitting on a stool or chair with no arms.

Strum the strings with your right hand using a pick or thumb. When strumming, use all the strings. This must be done over the strum hollow, which is near the end of the instrument.

Play different notes with the left hand. Do this with the hand or with the help of a noter, which is a wooden stick that presses down the strings. The notes should be clear. If they are not, then the string is not being pressed evenly.

Practice notes and scales of notes before trying a simple song. Try the simple song and repeat it slowly until the notes are loud and clear. Once the transition between notes is smooth, speed up the tempo.

Get a good book that shows which strings are which, and has simple tunes and chords to try. It is best if it includes a video or audio CD. A good one is "You Can Teach Yourself Dulcimer." It is a book and video combination.

Find a good teacher. Learning a musical instrument is easiest when you are observed and accept feedback. Although dulcimer players may be hard to come by, teachers of other string instruments may be able to help.

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