How to Play PS3 Games on a Computer

Like the other consoles of its generation, the Sony PlayStation 3 is capable of transmitting visual signals at high-definition quality. In the event that you own a computer monitor that is capable of displaying visuals at a higher resolution than your own television, you may benefit from hooking the PlayStation 3 up to your monitor. Fortunately, connecting your PS3 to your computer is simple as long as you have the right cable adapter.

Things You'll Need

  • Audio Source (Stereo Or Television)
  • Hdmi-To-Vga Adapter Cable

Connect the HDMI end of your HDMI-to-VGA cable to the HDMI port on your PlayStation 3.

Connect the VGA end of the HDMI-to-VGA cable to the VGA port on your computer monitor.


Connect the red and white RCA ends of the HDMI-to-VGA cable to the RCA ports on an audio source. This can be a stereo or even your television.


Turn on your PlayStation 3, computer monitor and audio source to ensure your equipment is working properly. You should be able to see your PS3's visual signal on the computer monitor, with the PS3 audio coming from your audio source.