How to Play PlayStation Games Online

black video games controler or games pad image by Warren Millar from

Things You'll Need

  • PlayStation 3
  • Ethernet cable or wireless router

For many years, people who played video games were restricted to competing against friends in the same room. Now that video game consoles can connect to the Internet, it is possible to play against or with gamers from around the world. By following a few steps, you can set up your PlayStation 3 so you can play online.

Connect your equipment. If you’re using an Ethernet cable, make sure it’s connected to the modem. If you’re using a wireless router, make sure the router is plugged into the outlet and powered on.

Turn on your PlayStation 3 and go to the "Settings" section of the main menu. Select “Network Settings," and choose "Internet Connections (wired)" if you’re using an Ethernet cable, or "Internet Connections (wireless)" if you’re using a wireless router.

Select "Yes" when prompted if you are using a wired connection. Select "Easy." Enter any additional information requested, such as a PPPoE, proxy server or IP address. (Consult your Internet provider for these if necessary.) Save your settings and test your connection.

Make sure an Ethernet cable is not connected to the PlayStation 3 if you are using a wireless connection. Select "Yes" when prompted, then "Easy," then "Scan" to allow the computer to detect the signal from your wireless router. Select the name of your router signal from the list presented and select your security settings. Enter your encryption key, save your settings and test your connection.

Go to PlayStation's main menu and select "PlayStation Network." Select the "Sign Up for PlayStation Network" icon and provide the requested information.

Insert a video game into the PlayStation 3 console, and select the online multiplayer option.