How to Play MASH

How to Play MASH. What can be more fun for schoolgirls than playing a game that predicts the identities of their future husbands, among other things? MASH is a game that has been played by pre-teen girls for generations. All you need for the game is a piece of paper and a little imagination.

Write the letters M, A, S and H at the top of a piece of paper. These letters stand for "mansion," "apartment," "house" and "shack."

Sketch a square underneath the letters. This square should be about 2 inches on each side. Inside the square at the bottom, draw 3 small squares.

Draw 4 lines underneath each of the following headings: boys, careers, cities and cards. The lists should be on either side of the large square, with 2 lists on each side.

Ask your friend for 3 numbers. Write those numbers in the small boxes. This number is representative of the number of kids your friend will have.

Have your friend give you the name of 4 boys, 4 careers, 4 cities and 4 cars. These will reflect the boy that she will marry, the career she will have, the city in which she will live and the car that she will drive.

Direct your friend to look away from the piece of paper. Begin drawing an outward spiral inside the large square that you drew in Step 2. When your friend tells you to stop, stop drawing the spiral. Count the number of lines in the spiral and write that number in the upper right corner of the page.

Begin counting with the letter M of the word MASH. Count to the number that you wrote down, crossing out the item you land on each time. Each time there is only one entry left in a category, circle it. Then, when everything is left with just 1 entry, read your friend her future.

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