How to Play Harry Potter on the Recorder

Even if you don't know who wrote the music to the Harry Potter films (it was John Williams, by the way), you've probably heard the Harry Potter theme at least once or twice. Although the song might sound pretty complex, it's easy to play it on the recorder in just a few steps.

Holding/Playing the Recorder

You can't play Harry Potter on the recorder if you don't know how to hold or play the instrument. Put your left thumb on the thumb hole of the recorder (the only hole in the back) and your first three fingers on the first three holes in the front. Put your right thumb on the back of the recorder (in line with the fourth hole in the front) and then put your first three fingers of your right hand on the fourth, fifth and sixth holes in the front. Hold the recorder at a 45 degree angle.

Put the mouthpiece of the recorder just inside your mouth, resting the bottom of it on your lower lip. Let your upper lip rest on the top of the mouthpiece. Do not take in too much mouthpiece.

Blow gently. The recorder does not take much air to play.

The Notes

Using the fingering chart listed in Resources below, learn the following notes: high F, high E, high Eb, high D, high C# (Db), Bb, G, low C#

Play the first phrase of the theme using these notes in order: high D, Bb, high D, Bb, high Eb, high D, high C# (Db), high D, Bb, high D, Bb, G, low C#, Bb, G

Play the second phrase of the theme using these notes in order: high D, Bb, high D, Bb, high F, high E, high Eb, high D, Bb, G, C#, Bb, G


  • This song requires you to play a lot of higher notes on the recorder. Make sure that you are covering all the holes required with the pads of your fingers completely so that the register does not slip to lower notes.

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