How to Paint Your Own Artwork Like Warhol

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Things You'll Need

  • Silk screen (optional)
  • Paint
  • Paper (optional)
  • Paintbrush

Andy Warhol is an identifiable painter from the 1950s. This New York artist challenged the mores of the day and examined the everyday items that people take for granted. Warhol took advantage of the wave of new expression sweeping Britain and the United States to take subjects -- including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and a soup tin -- and isolate them in a simple design. This removed the subject from the world and allowed their uniqueness to shine through.

Emulate the techniques and ethos of Andy Warhol by choosing images that have an impact on today's constant news and information coverage. The icon should be glossy and famous or a well-known product that is advertised as a "must-have" item.

Use silk-screen, paint on paper or another method to bring the image down to its basic components and parts. If you choose a woman, those parts could include her lips, eyes, eye shadow and hair. Rebuild the image with separate areas of color. This composite method of painting will give the most realistic recreation of Warhol's famous works.

Reproduce the objects multiple times with different colors each time. The cut-out shapes must me exactly the same, but each should feature a different color. This will make the parts of the image stand out and seem more important than the person or object they signify.

Purchase a household item and paint or draw it to focus on the simplest lines.


  • Continue to experiment with different images, objects and people until you find the one best suited for an Andy Warhol-esque painting. Research the copyright rules of images and photos from the news or popular society. Become familiar with Creative Commons rules or purchase an image if necessary. Study the "Gold Marilyn Monroe" to learn about the distancing and isolating effect of a screen-printed face.


  • Paint in a well-ventilated area.