How to Paint Tall Grass

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper or canvas
  • Rigger paint brush
  • Small brush
  • Credit card or stick
  • Paint

Adding tall grass to a painting can add a sense of depth. The viewer's eye will be drawn to the grass first before moving throughout the painting. Grass that is in the forefront of a painting will stand out best if placed against a dark background like a brick wall. One important tip for creating interesting grass is to use more than one color. Paint various shades of green to represent light and shadows.

Rigger Brush

Mix various shades of green to create shadows and highlights. For shadows, use a dark green mix (like one part Payne’s gray to six parts cadmium yellow). For highlights, use a light green mix (like one part bright green to one part olive green).

Use a rigger brush to create tall grass. Quickly paint upwards with a light touch, using dark green colors. A light touch will create tapered ends that mimic grass.

Use a small brush to paint highlights with light green colors.

Credit Card

Paint the area you want cover with grass with a pale yellow-green color. Let the area dry.

Paint over the pale yellow-green with a dark background color.

While the dark color is still wet, use a credit card or a thin stick to scrape through the top layer of paint with a light upward stoke to create tall grass.


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