How to Paint Roses,

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Canvas
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Turpentine
  • Soft cloth

The rose is a symbol of love and friendship. Artists have captured this gorgeous flower in many mediums, from charcoal sketches to beautifully rendered oils on canvas. With just a moderate talent for drawing and painting, and an understanding of how colors work in unison to create depth and shadow, you can create your own rose paintings to show off your artistic ability.

Start with a light pencil sketch of a single rose or group of roses. The choice is yours. Sketch the rose by concentrating on the empty space around the rose rather than the details themselves. This will allow you to define the overall shape of your rose first. Once you have the basic rose shape, start at the center and use light pencil strokes to create direction. Add darker shading to create depth. Add the stem and leaves next. You might use a picture or a real rose as a visual guide.

Paint your rose. You can do this with watercolors, oil paints or pastels. Each of these methods has a unique quality and produce very different effects.

Choose the colors that you will use for your rose. It is a good idea to get a color wheel. You can purchase one at any art supply store or find one online. A color wheel helps you blend colors. Experiment with different paint blends on scrap paper until you find a combination that gives you the color effect that you are after. The number of color possibilities is almost endless. Color choice is a matter of personal preference. The more you experiment, the better you become at achieving realistic color effects.

Painting by Art Papa

Apply the paint to your canvas using light strokes at first. Use water or turpentine (depending upon paint choice) to change the paint consistency and to achieve textural effects. Blend colors as you go, applying more or less paint to achieve a good balance of depth and shadow. Step away from the painting often to get a look at the overall appearance of your painting. Continue to refine the rose until you have achieved your desired results.