How to Paint a Wood Carving

How to Paint a Wood Carving. Since the beginning of time people have carved tools, instruments, utensils and other items out of wood. Decorating your wood carving with paint changes the appeal and adds to the beauty of your piece. Wood Is an excellent material to use for sculptors and carvings because it is malleable and easy to use.

Sand the carving with sand paper to remove all the rough edges. Wipe the carving with a towel to remove any loose pieces before you paint.

Sketch out the design or the areas of different color on the carving.

Paint the base colors of the carving with a medium brush. The base colors fill most of the space on the carving. Remember to wash the brush out between colors.

Add the paint for the smaller section of the carving. Add details and get paint in every crevices of the wood carving. Let each coat of paint dry before adding the next coat. Let the base colors shine though when you can.

Paint the outlines and shadows with the black paint. Use white paint for highlights. Choose a small brush for this task to keep accents crisp on the wood.

Check the carving for any needed touch ups. Make any touch ups to the paint once the carving is dry.

Spray or paint the wood with a sealant. The sealant keeps the paint from flaking and the wood from warping.

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