How to Paint a Sky With Spray Paint Art

How to Paint a Sky With Spray Paint Art. Spray paint art has risen in popularity because it is easy to learn and doesn't require a huge expenditure for basic supplies. Many spray paint artists, particularly beginners, are attracted to landscapes, vast expanses of sky and outer space as subjects.

Paint the base color of your sky first. If this is a daytime landscape, this will most likely be some shade of medium blue, where as if this is a look at space, you may want to use a black or dark blue.

Layer your sky with additional shades of blues to whites for daylight landscapes, and purples and dark blues for skyscapes.

Use wadded up rags and newspapers to dab at the sky you are painting. This will give your sky more depth, and avoid the "lined" look that it may otherwise get from your spray paint efforts.

Add any mountains, hills, trees or stencil images that you wish to use to decorate your picture. You can leave your image with just a look at the sky, or you can use the sky as a background to create a 3-D image by adding additional layers of paint.

Let the image dry for a few minutes. Spray clear coat enamel over the image to protect it.


Spray paint can be toxic. Only use it in a ventilated, preferably draft free, environment.

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